Sunday 14 April 2019

Falling Mirror Album on Vinyl - part 1

We want to announce that we are putting this idea on ice for the moment .

We are mindful of the fact that it is not every project where one of the protagonists literally drops dead while recording, a fact that makes this the groups final album.

The main reason for this delay is that it is not clear what form a vinyl (LP) will take. In addition to this the digital release is proceeding with many platforms having already uploaded the master, ahead of the March release, and we don't want to put the brakes on that. This includes Tidal, where high quality downloads will be available.

By what form a vinyl release will take, we mean -
a) Will it be a white label only pressing? The cost estimate we put out was for a white label but some fans have suggested they want something more.
b) Will there be any artwork on the label or even will there be a printed sleeve?
The cost difference is pretty substantial if we print paperwork. Tins Cans Discs have committed to making 100 LPs available a cost. Thereafter the balance of the limited pressing (another 50 pieces) would be sold, but it has been pointed out that a white label might not be so interesting for dealers?

Producer Tully McCullagh is also considering a way of making the vinyl release different from the digital album.

We have found a possible collaborator in Cape Town who has agreed to help get this collectors edition distributed.

Fans are asked for some patience on this one. More soon on these pages. Please feel free to comment.

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