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Tin Can Discs

Tin Can Discs is a label started by New Music Publishing, Germany in circa 1997.
The label was taken over by Lee Thorp Entertainment (LTE) in 2009.

Front sleeve of Rough Enough circa 1997

Set up for rock music licenses, the first releases were Robin Auld, Love Kills and Rockship, Rough Enough.  

Rough Enough is an un-compromising hard rock album by two of Germany's big names from the 1970s rock music scene, Alex Conti and Inga Rumpf. All the songs were in english, a mixture of originals and covers, which came as a surprise to some fans. The production and performance is of a high standard and the album continues to sell on download well over a decade after release.  DOWNLOAD TRACKS HERE
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Love Kills is a collection of "soft" rock songs by singer-songwriter, Robin Auld. It was released in Germany, UK and South Africa with limited success though praised by critics of the genre.
Link to Robin performing a track from the album live -

Sleeve of the Robin Auld release of Tin Can Discs.

Irish indie rockers, The Vivid, initially London based, had their debut album Shiny released on the Tin Can Discs label.



The first new issue on the label to take on in many years is the single production by the US act known as RE-IMAGINE Nation.

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