Friday, 13 July 2018

Retro Rocker project revived.

Hamburg -

The duo Penn Jones and Tully McCully have revived a bunch of great songs written a few years ago and Tully has completed the first single that will be part of an album later this year. The material is very danceable retro pop rock.

Single sleeve by Citizenquinn
Penn who originally hails from London (UK) is now a Nashville based singer, songwriter and sound engineer.

Tully is a producer and bass player for the former chart topping group McCully Workshop.

The two spent time in Tully's Cape Town studio recording the basics, including Penn's very punchy vocal tracks.

For a number of reasons the whole project went on ice for a while. Tully had originally recorded the tracks on 2 inch analog tape in his previous studio and needed to find a way to transfer the tracks to his all digital system set up in his home studio.

Hamburg (Germany) based rock label, Tin Can Discs heard the rough tracks and offered a license to release the productions, so Tully set to work again.  What he has so far delivered are some very well produced and performed songs.

The first release is a high energy track called, What it takes to be, a co-write by the two artists featuring Penn on vocals. The track is live on all the main digital portals now.

Link to the music - Penn and Tully

Beatles remake well done.


The first new issue on the label to take on in 2017 is the single production by the US act known as RE-IMAGINE Nation.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tin Can Discs

Tin Can Discs is a label started by New Music Publishing, Germany in circa 1997.
The label was taken over by Lee Thorp Entertainment (LTE) in 2009.

Highlight releases -

Front sleeve of Rough Enough circa 1997

Rough Enough is an un-compromising hard rock album by two of Germany's big names from the 1970s rock music scene, Alex Conti and Inga Rumpf. All the songs were in english, a mixture of originals and covers, which came as a surprise to some fans. The production and performance is of a high standard and the album continues to sell on download well over a decade after release.  DOWNLOAD TRACKS HERE
Link to clip of Rockship, featuring Inga and Alex -

Sleeve of the Robin Auld release of Tin Can Discs.

Love Kills is a collection of "soft" rock songs by singer-songwriter, Robin Auld. It was released in Germany, UK and South Africa with limited success though praised by critics of the genre.


Link to Robin performing a track from the album live -

Irish indie rockers, The Vivid, initially London based, had their debut album Shiny released on the Tin Can Discs label.

Contact -

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