Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tin Can Discs

Tin Can Discs is a label started by New Music Publishing, Germany in circa 1997.
The label was taken over by Lee Thorp Entertainment (LTE) in 2009.

Highlight releases -

Front sleeve of Rough Enough circa 1997

Rough Enough is an un-compromising hard rock album by two of Germany's big names from the 1970s rock music scene, Alex Conti and Inga Rumpf. All the songs were in english, a mixture of originals and covers, which came as a surprise to some fans. The production and performance is of a high standard and the album continues to sell on download well over a decade after release.  DOWNLOAD TRACKS HERE
Link to clip of Rockship, featuring Inga and Alex -

Sleeve of the Robin Auld release of Tin Can Discs.

Love Kills is a collection of "soft" rock songs by singer-songwriter, Robin Auld. It was released in Germany, UK and South Africa with limited success though praised by critics of the genre.


Link to Robin performing a track from the album live -

Irish indie rockers, The Vivid, initially London based, had their debut album Shiny released on the Tin Can Discs label.

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